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Photo of very small succulent plant.
Striking image of a stream in a forest in black and white.
B&W forest photo part of silver forest series.
Vivid pink flower buds with bright green leaves.
Photo of caterpillar on the stem of a plant.
Soft image of cottongrass. Photo taken at a rare high altitude bog.

Recent Work

Photo of a bald eagle, profile shot.
Photo of a flycatcher in silloutte.
Macro image of an orange sunflower.
Sunlight streaming through thick forest. Gold and green colors.

My Work

is about Love



It’s been a long road to this point in my career. Funny thing is all along my photography had a consistency, even when the subject matter changed. Even when I didn’t know what my vision was for my work.


I am a Christian and for me it’s all about seeing God all around you. I’ve always tried to take photos that I feel showed something wonderful, beautiful, and lovely about this world. And it is everywhere you just need to open your eyes to see it. That is my vision for my work. Showing the signature of God, the sacredness of nature, through the beauty of his creation. Sometimes it’s color, sometimes it’s detail, and sometimes it’s the symmetry. But the beauty of nature is always there.


 25 years experience


188 photos accepted into international shows


16 awards




"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop."


Ansel Adams

Photo of Kelly Paal at Westmoreland Museum of American Art a few summers ago where two of her images were on display for the summer.
Kelly Paal at Pittsburgh Pa school discussing her work and talking to the kids about photography.
Working with her daughter by her side.

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